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#912Datum: 24-06-2017Week: 25

  TW LW WC Artiest & Titel
Album & Label
133OTHERKIN - Enabler
single - Rubyworks
263ALT-J - Adeline
Relaxer - Infectious
353PROPHETS OF RAGE - Unfuck the world
Prophets of Rage - Fantasy
single - RCA
583TASH SULTANA - Murder to the mind
single - Loneloy Lands
624MILLIONAIRE - Busy man
Sciencing - Unday
7162ROYAL BLOOD - I only lie when I love you
How did we get so dark - Warner Bros
8133LIAM GALLAGHER - Wall of glass
As you were - Liam Gallagher
9103RADIOHEAD - I promise
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017 - Parlophone
10253ARCADE FIRE - Everything now
Everything now - Merge
1145DEMOB HAPPY - Dead dreamers
single - Atlantic
12--1QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - The way you used to do
Villains - Matador
13--1DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - Freeze me
single - DGR Music
1476NATIONAL, THE - The system only dreams in total darkness
Sleep well beast - 4AD
15184TWIN ATLANTIC - Whispers
GLA - Red Bull
1696ROYAL BLOOD - Hook, line & sinker
How did we get so dark - Warner Bros
17193WAR ON DRUGS - Holding on
A deeper understanding - Atlantic
18116LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Call the police
single - Parlophone
19204AMAZONS, THE - Ultraviolet
The Amazons - Fiction
20232PUTA VOLCANO - Bird
Harmony of spheres - IOTA5 Records
21293GIFTER - Speechless
single - Gifter
22--1ARCADE FIRE - Creature comfort
Everything now - Merge
23125ARCANE ROOTS - Matter
Melancholia hymns - Easy Life
24--1AIRWAYS - Reckless tongue
single - Airways
25312TEN BELLS - Commence
Hear ye, in HD EP - Ten Bells
26147PORTUGAL. THE MAN - Number one (ft. Richie Havens & Son Little)
Woodstock - Atlantic
27332MOGWAI - Coolverine
Every country's song - Rock Action records
28--1DARLIA - Beam me up
single - Darlia
29322BIG MOON - Cupid
Love in the 4th dimension - Fiction
30215RIDE - All I want
Weather diaries - Wichita
31157BLACK ANGELS - I'd kill for her
Death song - Partisan
32362BOHOS, THE - Elliot's song
single - The Bohos
33352YONAKA - Wouldn't wanna be ya
single - Atlantic
34--1ABSYNTHE MINDED - The execution
Jungle eyes - Sony Music
35176FANGCLUB - Bad words
single - Universal
36--1WAXAHATCHEE - Never been wrong
Out in the storm - Merge
37228WAR ON DRUGS - Thinking of a place
A deeper understanding - Atlantic
38--1FLEET FOXES - If you need me, keep time on me
Crack-up - Nonesuch
39--1HUNNA, THE - Never enough
100' - The Hunna
40275REAL ESTATE - Stained glass
In mind - Domino
single - XL Records

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