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#609Datum: 18-11-2017Week: 46

  TW LW WC Artiest & Titel
Album & Label
125MISTER AND MISSISSIPPI - Interstellar love part II
Mirage - V2
234SILENT WAR - Nightfall
single - Silent War
316CANSHAKER PI - Indie Academy
single - Excelsior
493KLANGSTOF - Resume
Everest EP - Warner
575COLOR BONES - Done for good
single - Color Bones
6114LAST ELEMENT, THE - Dreamweavers
single - The Last Element
785AESTRID - I dream of you and me
single - Aestrid
8124MAX MESER - She
Pictures - PiaS
9133SEAFIRE - The blue sky
single - Seafire
10145HARVEST MOON - Single mistake
Whiskers & the brains - Harvest Moon
1156MOONRADIO - Falling
Moonradio EP - Moonradio
12232KILL YOUR DARLINGS - Out of the blue
Kill Your Darlings EP - Kill Your Darlings
1348TUSKY - You will not regret this (please hold still)
Folly - Suburban
14164FOXLANE - Birmingham
All quite good now EP - Foxlane
1567BRAHMS, THE - Sleep
single - The Brahms
16214VISUAL, THE - No one knows
The Visual EP - The Visual
17--1PIP BLOM - School
single - Nice Swan records
18273BURNING CLOCKS - Galleon
Gone EP - Burning Clocks
19302PENDANTS - Nothing to fear
single - Pendants
20--1CANSHAKER PI - Pressure from above
single - Excelsior
21244KLANGSTOF - Everest
Everest EP - Warner
single - Jason Waterfalls
23254TIM KNOL - Sweet melodies
Cut the wire - Excelsior
24--1AFTERPARTEES - Life is easy
Life is easy - Excelsior
25332MEADOWLAKE - Hot punch
single - Bandcamp
26264ELEMENTARY PENGUINS - Where the wild things are
The charge of the light brigade - V2
27185STAAT, DE - Round
O - Caroline
28352BENEDICT OCTOBER - Dream's we've lost before
single - Benedict October
29322STILL THE MOVE - The nervous type
Still The Move EP - Still The Move
30--1COVENANT, THE - Heading for a fall
Into her arms - The Covenant
31178LAST ELEMENT, THE - Gravity
single - The Last Element
32343MYSTERONS - Binary code
single - Mysterons
33--1STAGE REPUBLIC - Wailing walls
single - Zwaardmusic
34383BANNER. - In my mind
Over blue EP - Banner.
35159PEER - Emily
single - Peer
36--1FISCUS, THE - I'm an animal
Silly fashion EP - The Fiscus
37372NANA ADJOA - Late bloomer
single - Nana Adjoa
38197RED PHONE - Easy for your mother
Easy for your mother EP - The Red Phone
39205NOTDEADYET - White face
White lie - NotDeadYet
402210PACESHIFTERS - Cut 'n' run
single - Paceshifters
Oscillation - Rodeostar

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